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E-Michigan Deaf and Hard of Hearing People.

Announcements 2006

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Seeking Finacial Analyst

A Financial Analyst 10 position in the Office of Special Education and Early Intervention Services has been posted on the Civil Service website to recruit both internal and external candidates. The closing date is December 18, 2006. Check department bulletin boards or the Civil Service website for information on this position. Please help us find the highest quality candidates from diverse backgrounds by alerting your colleagues and networks of this opportunity. For your convenience a direct link to the vacancy announcement is:

MSD Seeks More Teachers

Two Special Education Teacher positions at the Michigan Schools for the Deaf and Blind have been posted on the Civil Service website to recruit both internal and external candidates. The closing date is January 5, 2007. Check department bulletin boards or the Civil Service website for information on this position. Please help us find the highest quality candidates from diverse backgrounds by alerting your colleagues and networks of this opportunity. For your convenience a direct link to the vacancy announcement is:

Seeking Full-Time Interpreter

Seeking a full time interpreter with at least quality assurance (QA) level 3 skill, for a dietetic internship program, which runs from January 8th, 2007 until October 12th, 2007. The position would be for 8 hours a day (40 hours per week) for 40 weeks, a total of 1600 hours. The facility, which houses the dietetic internship program, is Hurley Medical Center in Flint, Michigan. We are seeking competitive bids for this position until December 29th, 2006. Please send your hourly fees to Dawn Moszyk, MA, RD at (810) 257-9772 or if you are interested in this position.

A note from Sandria Graham, dietetic intern:
Any question about dietetic internship program, medical-nutrition fields, her ASL signing level, etc. Please feel free to send an email to her at: She also has a videophone.

Seeking Program Coordinator

Michigan Association for Deaf and Hard of Hearing has a position opening for a program coordinator. To learn more, read the position announcement.

Seeking Art!

VSA arts of Michigan is seeking artwork for "Incite Art 2007." Artwork must be created by artists with disabilities of any age. The deadline for submission is January 12, 2007.

To learn more click here...

Caption Radio?
Survey Regarding Radio for People with Hearing Loss

National Public Radio Labs, along with partner WGBH National Center for Accessible Media, has been awarded a 3-year grant from NIDRR to develop commercial digital radios for consumers with sensory disabilities. They are seeking information from the “user community” about the types of features that should be considered for the next generation of digital radios.

You are invited to tell them about the kinds of products, services, features and technologies you would like to see included in the next generation of radios. There is a survey that needs to be completed by December 20th. To fill out the online survey go to:
(for Deaf or Hard of Hearing)

(for Vision Impaired).

Comments will be gathered and a “wish list” will be sent to manufacturers and digital service providers at the Consumer Electronics Show in early January. In return for your opinion they will send you a written report.

Give Your Opinion: Arts & Culture Needs Survey

VSA arts is requesting information from you on your participation in cultural arts programming and events in your community. VSA arts will use this information to make arts and culture more accessible for you.

VSA arts of Michigan promotes creative power in people with disabilities, and works to create a society where people with disabilities participate in, learn through, excel in and enjoy the arts. VSA arts of Michigan is a member of the international network of VSA arts, an affiliate of The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. For information visit or

Please forward the competed survey (click here for the survey) to Tasha Kelley, Operations and Project Manager at MiSILC, at
Or print and mail to Tasha at:
417 Seymour, Suite 10
Lansing, MI 48933.

The deadline is December 8, 2006!

Thank you very much for your assistance in this effort.

Comment on FCC Regulations for Hearing Aid Compatible Cell Phones

The FCC has released a Request for Comments on Wireless Hearing Aid Compatibility ("HAC"). It is very important for you to send in your comments so that we can let them know if their current rules on HAC cell phones are adequate for your needs.


- From Brenda Battat, Hearing Loss Association of America

This link goes to the notice and gives details on how to file comments:

To file electronic comments via the Internet go to: Use docket number 06-203

Hearing Loss Association will be filing comments but it is important that the FCC hears directly from you about your experiences using HAC cell phones. Attached are guidelines on what areas to cover in your comments.

You can have an impact on cell phone accessibility for people with hearing loss so send in your comments before you get caught up in the holiday season.

Hiring Full time and Part time Interpreters

The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Connection is offering a full benefits package, very competitive salary and Monday thru Friday hours. We are located in Muskegon Mi., on the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan. We are just 2 ½ hours north of Chicago and 3 hours west of Detroit. Contact us today:
Voice- 231-722-dhhc (3442)
Fax/TTY- 231-722-3443

The D/HH Connection is an equal opportunity employer.
Relocation allowance possible.

MSDB seeks Youth Residential Director

A Youth Residential Director 13 position at the Michigan Schools for the Deaf and Blind has been posted on the Civil Service website. The closing date is November 3, 2006. Check the Civil Service website for information on this position. Please help us find the highest quality candidates from diverse backgrounds by alerting your colleagues and networks of this opportunity. For your convenience a direct link to the vacancy announcement is below: VacancyInq2.asp?ID=17367

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore Offers Easy Listening

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore’s “Saturday at the Lakeshore” will highlight the national park service’s assistive hearing devices at the regular 1 p.m. program Saturday, October 21, 2006. Visitors are encouraged to arrive early.

A ranger-led tour beginning with an introduction at the visitor center auditorium of Sleeping Bear Dune National Lakeshore at 9922 Front Street in Empire will include stops at the general store, blacksmith shop, boat museum and Sleeping Bear Inn in Glen Haven, an area that was once a major stop for steamships.

Assistive listening devices, regularly available to the public at various sites within the park, will be demonstrated. Those who wish to use the hearing devices—with or without hearing aids or cochlear implants, are asked to arrive before 12:30 pm.

Members of the Grand Traverse chapter of the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) and Northern Michigan Alliance for Independent Living (NMAIL) are working with park officials on this occasion to educate the public about the user-friendly hearing devices in the park.

Individual headsets and neckloops for connecting to the wireless receivers are available for a wide range of events. Visitors can also bring their own earpieces. People with cochlear implants that do not have telecoils must bring their own patchcord for connecting to the wireless receivers.

Reservations for the equipment are not required but are appreciated by calling the park at 231-326-5135. For questions about the hearing technology, the park or a hearing consultant (231.882.7063) can be contacted. Both phone numbers are TTY-friendly.

People with disabilities (hard of hearing, mobility issues, visually impaired, etc.) are entitled to a lifetime Golden Access Passport that permits parking and entry without charge. People who are 62 years of age or older can purchase a lifetime Golden Age Passport for a $10 fee. The visitors center's wired-for-hearing store counter offers and sells these permits in advance of the program along with other annual and weekly park passes.

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore Visitors Center is arguably the leading hearing accessible national park service venue in the U.S., providing annual publicity about its cleanly delivered sound, even at a distance of 100 feet---benefiting those with hearing loss as well as visitors whose first language is not English.

More information on the internet about any of the three non-profit organizations can be found through web browsers. For email communication about the hearing technology, please write to

Deaf Services Coordinator Needed in Traverse City

Job title: Deaf Services Coordinator
Job type: Full Time
Hours per week: 40
Job(s) available: 1

Job location: Traverse City

Salary: From $ 32000.00 To $ 45000.00 per year.

Benefits: dental insurance, life insurance, medical insurance, paid sick leave, paid vacation, 401(k)

Job description: Responsible for coordinating and managing the acitvities of GTI's services for the deaf and hard of hearing-LIS'N (Local Interpreter Service Network). Position provides interpreter services as needed throughout a 10-12 county area. Also provides education and training for community groups, individual job coaching, and responsible for providing communications regarding services, locations, hours, and access.

Job requirements: This job requires a bachelor's degree and 4 years of experience.

Specific requirements: This job has some special requirements. You must be bondable and possess a private drivers license.

Additional requirements: QA 2 or above state licensed in American Sign Language. Regulal travel required througout the region. On call 24-7

Directions to business: Turn on to 3 Mile Road from 31 North, go through light at Parsons; turn right on to Aero Park Drive. GTI is the first Industrial building on the right.
Please apply by Mail or in person.

Phone: (231)922-4886 Address: 2883 Aero Park Drive
Fax: (231)922-4894 Traverse City, MI 49686

Job Opening: Employment Transition Specialist in Kent County

Disability Advocates of Kent County is seeing a part-time person to assist persons who are deaf or hard of hearing with independent living issues that may impact their ability to obtain or retain employment. For more information click here to see the announcement.

NPR's Talk of the Nation Looks at Deaf Culture

Washington, D.C.; September 21, 2006 – NPR’s Talk of the Nation will feature I. King Jordan in a special 2 hour broadcast on the future of deaf education and culture on Thursday October 12, 2006. Dr. Jordan plans to retire at the end of this year as president of Gallaudet University, the world’s only university dedicated to deaf and hearing impaired students. As the first ever deaf president of the institution, he began the job in 1988 amid controversy and leaves 18 years later in the midst of more controversy over the appointment of his successor. In Hour One of the broadcast, Dr. Jordan weighs in on the debate and his legacy.

Hour Two will examine the shifting debate over the cochlear implant. Once an issue that divided the deaf community, the use of cochlear implants is now more accepted. Yet, very difficult questions remain about how people with cochlear implants can successfully live in two worlds – the hearing and the deaf – about how children with these implants should be educated. Guests during this hour will include documentary filmmaker Josh Aronson, whose film “Sound and Fury” tells the story two brother split apart by their different approaches to the implants for their children. Mr. Aronson has recently completed a follow-up to his film, “Sound and Fury: Six Years Later” and will join the program with Peter and Heather Artinian who were featured in both films.

The deaf and hearing impaired community will be able to follow in real-time Dr. Jordan’s discussion with Talk of the Nation host Neal Conan through live captioning on The captioning technology enabling the streaming of broadcast captions on the Web is developed and provided by the Media Access Group at WGBH Boston. Those tuning in to the program through the live caption stream will also be able to email questions to Dr. Jordan over the course of the hour.

The October 12th broadcast will be the second time Talk of the Nation has employed a captioning service to accommodate the deaf and hard of hearing audience. On February 2, 2005 for an interview with Dr. Jordan and the authors of the 1990 book, “Inside Deaf Culture,” the program offered real time captioning to enable participation among the hearing impaired community. Audio and text of the interview is available at

Talk of the Nation is NPR’s midday news talk program that explores all topics from politics to pop culture, education, religion, books, health, family and music. Through call-ins and e-mails, listeners are able to join in dialogue with decision-makers, authors, academicians, artists and newsmakers in the headlines. Neal Conan has been host of Talk of the Nation since 2001. With 2.8 million weekly listeners, the program airs on 276 NPR Member stations around the country; for local stations and time periods, check

MSDB Seeks Youth Specialist

A Youth Specialist 7/8 position at the Michigan Schools for the Deaf and Blind has been posted on the Civil Service website to recruit both internal and external candidates. The position is Seasonal. The closing date is October 9, 2006. Check the Civil Service website for information on this position at:

MADHH Fall 2006 NEWS

Click the link below to catch up on the activities of Michigan Association for Deaf and Hard of Hearing!

Click here to view MADHH Fall 2006 News

Deaf Etc. Hiring an MSW

Deaf Grand Rapids, soon to be Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services, is looking for a person with an MSW degreee, who is trained to work with Deaf and hard of hearing clients with mental illness (depression, schizophrenia, or bi-polar disorder) or substance abuse problems.

Most important, the MSW will be able to converse in sign language, preferrably ASL, and will be familiar with Deaf culture.

Click here to view Job Position Announcement.

Contact Maggie Smedly at Deaf, Etc for more information:


On Wed. Sept 13, 2006, the FCC issued one of the worst decisions it has ever issued on closed captioning. The Order is on the web site shown below. Basically the order grants two requests for exemptions from the requirement to closed caption, a requirement in place since 1996 and that has ensured more and more closed captioning on television.

In taking this action, the FCC states that it is “inclined favorably” to grant new exemption requests to organizations that do “not receive compensation from video programming distributors from the airing of [their] programs,” and who also say they “may terminate or substantially curtail [their] programming” or “[curtail] other activities important to [their] mission” if forced to caption.

The gist of what the FCC has done is to open the door to many more exemptions. It appears also the FCC's action creates a rule change that defines a new category of exemption from the captioning rules, cutting the legs out from the current “undue burden” proof currently needed to get an exemption for captioning requirement.

What the FCC has done is very serious. This new interpretation of the rules for asking for an exemption from having to closed caption has far reaching effects that go well beyond the specific TV programming in these two Orders and could extend to any entity, regardless of its resources, if they can make a case that “we cant afford it" or "it might shut us down.”

Congress asks FCC to explain actions on Closed Captioning. Read the letter...

Please contact the following persons at the FCC and send thousands of emails and letters protesting this decision. Thank you for caring about this!

Sample email. Please customize:

“In Re DA 06-1802, CGB-CC-0005 and CGB-CC-0007 Dear FCC Chairman, I protest the recent Orders granting exemptions from closed captioning issued by CGB. These Orders appear to create a new regulation, carving out a new exemption basis, not in keeping with current regulations. We are outraged and believe the FCC has created a loophole that almost any entity crying "it costs too much" can now use. Please reconsider immediately! We need our closed captioning! Your name
Your address.”

Thousands of calls and emails should be sent to the FCC Chairman and Commissioners. Contact information:

Chairman Kevin Martin, Tel (202) 418-1000
Email: or use online email system at martin/mail.html

Commissioner Deborah Taylor Tate, Tel (202) 418-2500

Commissioner McDowell, Tel (202) 418-2200

Commissioner Michael Copps, Tel (202) 418-2000

Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein, Tel (202) 418-2300
Email: Jonathan.Adelstein

Also calls and Email to the FCC Bureau that issued the Order:
CGB Chief Monica DeSai at (202) 418-1400

FCC address: FCC, 445 12th Street SW, Washington, DC 20054
Attn: Chairman Martin. Fax (202) 418-0232

Granted two separate petitions for exemption from the closed captioning requirements for video programming contained in section 79.1 of the Commission's rules.

Action by: Chief, Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau.
Adopted: 09/11/2006 by MO&O. (DA No. 06-1802). CGB

Interpreter Needed at MSD

The Michigan School for the Deaf has posted an Interpreter for the Deaf position on the Michigan Civil Service website. The closing date is September 1, 2006. To check the Civil Service website click here.

D/HH Connection in Muskegon Seeking Interpreters

We’re hiring !!
How does living on the West Coast of Michigan, enjoying beautiful sunsets over Lake Michigan, sound to you?

As part of The Deaf / Hard of Hearing Connection’s expansion into Video Remote Interpreting, we are looking to hire 2 full time QA III’s or higher. The work hours will be Mon-Fri. 8-4:30 and includes benefits. We will also be hiring part time interpreters for 4pm to 8pm Mon-Fri. Pay will be based upon QA level, Education, and Experience. The D/HH Connection is an Equal Opportunity Employer located in Muskegon, Michigan.

Contact Scott Peyton for more details 231-737-4414 ext. 35 or

Click here to view VRI positions announcement

Wild Swan Theater Announces ASL Interpreter Auditions For 2006/2007 Season

Wild Swan Theater will be holding auditions for ASL Interpreters/Actors for its 2006-2007 Season September 13th from 11am – 1pm at its studio at 416 W. Huron St. in Ann Arbor. Wild Swan is a professional, non-equity company performing for family audiences. The company gives 175 performances a year in its home base of Ann Arbor and on tour throughout the state. In keeping with its mission to make their theater productions accessible to everyone, Wild Swan incorporates 1 - 2 ASL Interpreters into every one of their season productions. Instead of merely standing on a platform to the side of the action, the Interpreters are woven into the blocking and are costumed as any other cast member. That way deaf audience members can always see the interpreters and action at the same time rather than having to look to an offstage signer and perhaps missing important staging. Wild Swan also feels that the visual beauty of the language adds another dimension to the productions.

Wild Swan is seeking experienced ASL Interpreters. You do not necessarily need to have a lot of stage experience as we are willing to train, but potential Interpreters should be very expressive, able to move well, and have a willingness to learn. For more information and to make an audition appointment, please call (734) 995-0530 or email Michelle Lanzi, Company Manager at

House Opens for Deaf and DeafBlind Women who are Abused

Abused Deaf Women's Advocacy Services is proud to announce the opening of our transitional housing project “A Place of Our Own” where victims who have children can start a new life.

Our new building is completely accessible for Deaf and Deaf Blind women and full support services in ASL are available on site.

We are currently accepting applications from women with children, who have low income or no income, and do not have a safe home because of violence -

We are asking your support to help women who need this housing contact us safely.

Anyone interested can email mailto: and get a pre-application form, or call 206-726-0093 (TTY only) and ask for the housing staff.

We can help families find money for travel expenses to Seattle, Washington if needed.

Deaf Options Opens Learning Center

Deaf Options announces the new Learning Center to open in September. Every Saturday, beginning September 16, you or your child can receive help with homework, computer skills, reading or math. The Learning Center is open from 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM at Epiphany Lutheran Church (corner of Woodward and 7 Mile Rd) in Detroit.

For more information call Kathleen Mitchell at Deaf Options: 313-961-8118 TTY or 313-961-8120 Voice

Or click here for the flyer!

Federal Jobs for Professionals with Disabilities

EARN is assisting the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) under a special hiring initiative to locate jobseekers with disabilities with 1+ years of experience in one or more of the following: grant management, accounting, budgeting, information technology with a specialization in security, disaster preparedness, and/or project management and evaluation.

Contact us if you or your jobseekers with disabilities:

  • Have professional experience in one of the areas mentioned above
  • Are a U.S. Citizen
  • Can qualify as a person with a disability under Schedule A Hiring Authority or 10 Point Veteran’s Preference
    for information on hiring authorities)
  • Can apply for and obtain security clearance

DHS’s goal under this initiative is to recruit jobseekers with disabilities to fill over 190 positions by September 2006. These positions have not been posted yet and their locations will not be decided until sometime in August. It is expected that jobs will be in Washington, DC, Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Colorado Springs or other cities with a number of federal offices.  There are no physical requirements for any of these positions and salaries will range between $44,856.00 (GS-9 level) $107,521.00 (GS-15 level). Relocation expenses will not be covered.

To apply, email your resume and documentation for eligibility under Schedule A or Veteran’s Preference to: Please indicate whether you’re willing to relocate. EARN will refer eligible candidates to DHS and will provide status updates to all candidates and providers. We look forward to hearing from you!

1-866-EARN-NOW (1-866-327-6669) (V/TTY)

EARN is a nationwide cost free recruiting and consultation service that provides employers with workforce solutions. EARN connects employers to a national network of service providers with access to job candidates. As the venue linking employers to service providers and their job candidates, EARN does not participate in any way in the actual discussions and transactions between employers and service providers/candidates.  Read more about EARN's policy at

Summer Program for Deaf or Hard of Hearing Women

The Women in Engineering Office at the University of Michigan is now accepting applications for the IBM STEM ENTRY POINT PROGRAM - A Summer Program for Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing Young Women to be held Thursday, August 17 - Friday, August 18, 2006

The IBM Stem Entry Point Program is an exciting, 2-day non-residential (tuition-free) pilot program for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing young women who will complete the 9th, 10th or 11th grade by June 2006. Are you interested in learning how safety features in automobiles are developed? Have you wondered how cosmetics and bath products are made? Does dissecting a computer seem like fun? This program is for you! During the program you'll learn about various fields of science and engineering. Students will tour research facilities and engage in discussions with engineers and scientists.

The application form is attached (Click here)
or you may visit to download the application. Please note the deadline is August 5th, 2006.

For additional information, please e-mail Debbie Taylor at

Click here to view the announcement document.

Emergency Responders and the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community:
Taking the First Steps to Disaster Preparedness

A training curriculum provided by the Community Emergency Preparedness Information Network (CEPIN) and developed by and for emergency responders and deaf and hard of hearing consumers.

Registration forms will be available July 21, 2006, and must be received by August 4, 2006 Only 40 participants throughout the State of Michigan will be selected to attend this workshop: 20 Hard of hearing/deaf/deaf blind, and 20 First responders

August 28, 2006 has been designated as the workshop course date. Course times are currently tentative as the course is pending approval from the Department of Homeland Security. Upon approval, this workshop course is expected to take place at the State of Michigan, Cadillac Place, 3044 W. Grand Boulevard, in Detroit, Michigan. Please check our Web site for future courses taking place near you.


  • Understanding Hearing Loss: Communication modes and barriers
  • Emergency Responder Roles: What do they do? What tools are needed?
  • Emergency Preparedness: Responsibilities of consumers and responders
  • Partnering for a Safer Community: How to become involved in community preparedness, response & recovery activities

The information presented in this training will benefit anyone involved with emergency planning, response and recovery efforts. The primary focus of the curriculum is direct interaction between emergency responders and people who are deaf, hard of hearing, late-deafened or deafblind.

NOTE: ASL interpreters, assistive listening systems and realtime captioning will be provided. All other accommodations may be requested with registration.

Stay updated on this CEPIN event at the E-Michigan website! is your source for CEPIN updates, Coalition activities, and other events of interest to the deaf, hard of hearing, and deaf/blind communities!

Join the free CEPIN e-mail list by going to and clicking on the regular or text-only version.

Click here to view the announcment (in RTF document format).

Click here for the registration form.


To save expense, the DODHH Bulletin will no longer be printed and mailed. The Spring-Summer 2006 issue is now available in PDF format. You will need Acrobat Reader to read it.

Click here to view Spring-Summer DODHH Bulletin.

Job Opening: State Interpreter Coordinator (Department Specialist 13)

Duty: Coordinate the state Quality Assurance screening process for the community and educational interpreters with the administration of the national Educational Interpreter Proficiency Assessment tests. Provide technical assistance in communication accessibility, maintaining state interpreter database, serving as RID continuing education sponsor, coordinating continuing education requirements for interpreters, provide training and informational seminars, serving as liaison to various organizations and providing interpreting service within the office and department.

Click here for more job opening details.

CapTel Service Hits Michigan!

CapTel is finally here! The CapTel service is set to begin on July 1, 2006! Best of all, the special Michigan price for the CapTel telephone is only $99! This price includes a no-risk 90 day guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with CapTel, the phone can be returned within 90 days for a full refund.  After 90 days trial, it is yours to keep. There will be no additional charge for the unit!

After the initial 100 people receive phones for the July 1 launch, 25 people will be added to the CapTel service on a monthly basis. For questions contact Weitbrecht at 800-233-9130 v/t or DODHH at 517-335-6004.

We are excited that Michigan can now be counted amongst the states that offer CapTel service.

For more about CapTel see:

Click here for an application.

Obituary Jon Hall

Editors Note: Jon was the first editor of E-Michigan and was married to Sue Deer Hall, owner of Screenline CART services. The funeral will be interpreted and captioned.

John Channing Hall Ann Arbor, MI

Jon Channing Hall Ann Arbor, MI

Jon C. Hall, age 58, the husband of Susan Deer Hall, died May 29, 2006, in Ann Arbor, MI. He was born February 4, 1948, in Niskayuna, NY, the son of Constance Hall and the late John Hall. He is also survived by his daughters, Ashley and Sayre Hall; sister, Pat (John) Francis; mother-in-law, EvaBelle Deer Deppa; and many relatives and devoted friends. Jon, a gifted journalist and writer, graduated from the University of Delaware and West Virginia University. He was an investigative reporter and editor for the New Haven Register and Journal-Courier in Connecticut prior to moving to Michigan. Throughout his career, he worked as a correspondent for the Boston Globe, ABC News and other media outlets. Jon made a career out of words, but his true love was his family. He will be remembered as a father, a husband, a son, a brother, a teacher, a friend and a true lover of life. Visitation will be from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday, June 1, and from 2 to 4 p.m. and 6 to 8 p.m. Friday, June 2, at the Muehlig Funeral Chapel, 403 S. Fourth Ave., Ann Arbor. Funeral service will be held at 11 a.m. Saturday, June 3 at Muehlig's. A graveside service and burial will follow at the Union Cemetery outside Grand Ledge, MI. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions in Jon's name may be made to the Adam Miller Memorial Fund, Dodworth Saxhorn Band or Details available at Muehlig's.

- Published in the Lansing State Journal - May 31, 2006


MAY 28

Help us raise money to produce and distribute a Public Service Announcement to be used on television across the state making the public aware of Emergency Preparedness as it relates to Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Deaf Blind people. We are hoping to raise $6,000.00 for the public service announcement and to purchase Communication Kits for Emergency Shelters and Evacuation Centers across Michigan.

Come and support this worthwhile event.

Let’s save lives, together!

WHEN? Sunday, May 28, 2006
2pm to 5pm

WHERE? Barrister Gardens Banquet Center
24225 Harper Ave., St. Clair Shores, MI 48081 (On Harper between 9 Mile Rd. and 10 Mile Rd.)

For More Information Contact: Sign Language Services of Michigan at 586-778-4188 v/tty or Michigan Association for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services at 800-Your-Ear.

Adults: $15.00
Children: $12.00

If you would like to donate a Silent Auction item, advertise in our program or make an additional donation, please call Dawn at 586-778-4188 or Nan at 800-Your-Ear.

Michigan School for the Deaf Teacher Job Opening

MSD is looking for a new teacher. You can view the Special Education Teacher posting on the Deaf Education Web Site by clicking on the link below.

C-Print Informational Meeting

C-Print is a form of Speech-to-Text transcription. This accommodation allows people to read, in real-time, a text display of spoken information; generally a meaning-for-meaning translation. C-Print is most often used for people who are deaf or hard of hearing, but is also good for universal design. C-Print is easy to learn (for good typists) and affordable.

Michigan Career & Technical Institute and the Midwest Center for Postsecondary Outreach (MCPO) are hosting an informational meeting for people who are interested in offering this accommodation. Learn how to implement C-Print in your setting, and what is required to become a C-Print captionist.

The primary trainer for this event is Shannon Aylesworth. Shannon is the Coordinator of Speech-to-Text Services for the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) Deaf/Hard of Hearing Program and Speech-to-Text Service Specialist for the Midwest Center for Postsecondary Outreach.

At UWM, Shannon provides real-time services and coordinates speech-to-text services for staff and students who are deaf or hard of hearing.

For MCPO,  Shannon serves as a speech-to-text service specialist for the Midwestern region and oversees twelve states.  She recently authored A Guide to Speech-to-Text Services in the Postsecondary Environment, a comprehensive guide that outlines the various speech-to-text service options available in postsecondary environments to students who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.

To learn more about this Free Event Click Here.

Seeking Sponsors for Golf Charity

The Deaf/Hard of Hearing Connection (D/HHC) will be hosting the 2nd annual Charity Classic Golf Scramble at the Chase Hammond Golf Course on June 2nd, 2006. The first year event was a resounding success, drawing sponsors and participants from all over West Michigan and beyond. This year, they are asking for your support. Sponsors are recognized in all print and web materials.

Click here for more detail.


APPLY NOW!  The application deadline is March 15, 2006!

Mobility International USA is currently accepting applications from young people with disabilities for an international exchange program in Summer 2006 to Tokyo, Japan. It is called the US/Japan: Cross Cultural Perspectives on Disability Leadership and Volunteerism Exchange Program.

Individuals who are Deaf or hard of hearing, as well as those who have a visual impairment, mobility impairment, non-apparent disabilities or any other type of disability, are encouraged to apply. Appropriate accommodations will be provided.

We are looking for young people between the ages of 18-24. Generous scholarships are available. Late applications will be accepted as space permits. Young people with disabilities from culturally diverse backgrounds and inexperienced international travelers are encouraged to apply.

For info and application see:  Or contact Jena Price at or by Tel/TTY at (541) 343-1284.

Counselor with Deaf/HH skills Needed in PA

Pennsylvania Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) has an immediate need for 2 Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor Deaf and Hard of Hearing (VRCDHH) to work in the OVR Allentown and Dubois district offices. Starting salary is $38,475/yr with full benefits.

VRCDHH is civil service position that requires eligible candidate to possess a master's degree in rehabilitation counseling, or CRC credentials, or proof of approval to sit for the CRC exam as determined by the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification. In addition, candidate must be able to communicate at the intermediate sign communication on level as determined by the Sign Communication Proficiency Interview evaluation.

To learn more click this link.

To request application materials; contact Cindy Mundis at or (717) 787-7834.

Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. Equal Opportunity Employer/Program

It's time for the MADHH Poster Contest!

A reminder to students who are deaf or hard of hearing and their parents, teachers and friends: MADHH student Poster Contest deadlines are coming up!

The first poster, for "May is Better Hearing and Speech Month," is due by March 1st! The theme is "Things in a Garden." Students can win a $100 or $50 savings bond in their grade group, (K-5) (6-8) (9-12) and the overall Featured Winner will have their poster duplicated and distributed statewide. Posters are distributed in April.

The Second Poster contest, for "Deaf Celebration Week," is due May 1st. The theme is "What is Cool about Michigan" (the State, not the universities!). As in the other contest, students can win a $100 or $50 savings bond in their grade group, (K-5) (6-8) (9-12) and the overall Featured Winner will have their poster duplicated and distributed.

Please, no pencil drawings! Because they cannot be reproduced, pencil drawings cannot win the Featured Poster prize and distribution.

Entry forms are on-line at: See the left column under Youth Programs, then click Poster Contests.

New Deaf Options Employment Services

Deaf Options, in Detroit , now offers employment services. Office hours are Monday - Friday, 9 am- 5 pm at their office on Bagley Street.

Services include Job Readiness, Resumes, Job Search Skills, Interviewing, on-the job training and Job Placement. Services are provided by Employment Specialists: Angelic Taylor and Rachele Buckendahl.

Click here to see the flyer.
Click here to learn about Deaf Options on the web at:

Deaf Documentary Series Seeks “Deaf Stories”

KINGMAN, AZ, January 25, 2006 — SPOKEN SILENCE FILMS & PRODUCTIONS announces that a “documentary series” is currently in its developmental stages. This project is considered to be the most comprehensive documentary about the DEAF that will be done in our times. It will showcase the following topics:

  • An historical look at deafness
  • Causes and treatment of deafness and its social impacts on deaf people and society
  • Deaf culture, language, schools, and controversies
  • Deaf achievements in the arts, science, sports, and entertainment

The developmental team is currently accepting “deaf stories” from individuals and organizations to be considered worthy of inclusion in this documentary. Please email your story or stories to:


Stories and/or ideas should be in MS WORD FORMAT, and must include:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number (V/TTY-TDD)
  • Email address

Stories and/or ideas that will be considered for the project will be contacted only via email. Anonymous materials or submissions without the above information will be not accepted.

For more information contact:
Films & Productions

Mental Health Stakeholders Meeting

Are you concerned about access to mental health care for people who are deaf or hard of hearing? If so, consider attending the Mental Health Stakeholders meeting on Monday, February 13, 2006 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. This is a formal meeting and you must register. To learn more about the meeting see the following:

Letter to All Interested Parties
RSVP form
Directions to Meeting

Deaf Dog Needs a Home

Harley, the deaf dog.

Harley, the deaf dog.

Note: 02/18/06: Owner sent in regret that the dog became very ill and had to be put to the sleep. So no need to contact about adopting the dog.

Harley is an American Bulldog/Boxer mix, who is Deaf and responds to ASL signs. She is going to be 4 years old in March. Lesley Castillo has had her since she was 2 years old. Harley has severe allergies that make her paws and ears itch, and she needs surgery to fix a problem called a “cherry eye.” Harley needs a lot of love, patience and extra care. She requires 3 to 4 trips to the vet per year to manage her allergies. Lesley simply cannot afford to take care of her, and she doesn't have the time to spend with Harley.

Mama's Baby.

Mama's baby.

Lesley is looking for a person who loves dogs, is very patient, and can afford to take care of Harley. She would be perfect for a retired person, a single person, or a couple with older children. Harley doesn't do well with cats but can get along with other dogs. She is spayed and crate trained. Harley is very sweet, affectionate and loyal.

If you are interested in adopting Harley, email Lesley at
Potential parents will be interviewed by Lesley and must be willing to allow her to visit your home.

Housing Coordinator Position Deadline Extended

MDRC has extended the deadline to apply for the Housing Coordinator position to January 20, 2006.

MDRC has a position open for a Project Coordinator to provide leadership for a project to improve housing options for people with disabilities.

Applicants must demonstrate knowledge of accessible and affordable housing resources, independent living and community organizing.

Please submit resumes by 3 pm Friday January 20, 2006 c/o Teresa Christmas to MDRC, 780 W. Lake Lansing Road, Suite 200, East Lansing, MI 48823.

Click here for more info.

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