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News: May 2002

Whiz Kid Creates New Signing Method

In a world in which things change at breakneck speed, Ryan Patterson, 18, has found a way to create what one might think of as E-signs.

A senior at Central High School in Grand Junction, CO, the youthful scientist has been collecting awards left and right for a sign-language-translating glove.

The device, a golf glove wired with sensors and electronic circuitry that translates sign language into text displayed on a portable screen, has attracted widespread attention. Even as he plans his college education, he’s working to make the translator talk. It’s expected it will be a few yeas before it makes it to the market.

Through it all, though, Patterson has remained a down-to-earth kid. When he appeared on “Good Morning America” in March to show off the glove, he surprised host Charlie Gibson by spelling out an invitation to the school prom to his girlfriend, Tiffany Mantlo.

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