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E-Michigan Deaf and Hard of Hearing People.

Video Remote Interpreting

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) uses video–conferencing equipment to provide sign language interpreting services. With VRI, both the deaf and hearing person are in the same room. The interpreter is at a call center in another city. VRI is especially useful for rural areas where there may be a lack of qualified interpreters

How it works

Video–conferencing equipment is set up in the room where the deaf and hearing person are located (a hospital, for example). An interpreter is at the call center. This interpreter uses a head set to hear what the hearing person says. The interpreter signs to a camera everything the hearing person speaks. The deaf person can see the interpreter on a monitor. When the deaf person replies, the interpreter sees and voices the interpretation. In this way, the deaf and hearing person can talk back and forth, just as if the interpreter was in the same room!

Birnbaum Interpreting Service
(301) 587-8885 ext 141

CSD Interpreting Online
(866) 291-8267

Deaf Link
(210) 590-7446 (V or VP)
(210) 590-7487
(866) 590-7487

Network Interpreting Service, LLC
(800) 284-1043

PowerVRI (Sibling of PowerVRS)
(855) 855-2220

Sign Language Associates
(800) 752-0071

SIUC Remote Interpreting Service
(618) 453-5738
Providing services to educational settings and others.

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