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CapTel — Captioned Telephone

Close up of CapTel device

CapTel – Captioned Telephone

CapTel is the brand name of a telephone that displays text captioning of a speaker's words to benefit a listener with hearing loss. This is available in most states, including Michigan. A person with hearing loss uses hearing and speech to communicate on the CapTel phone. A relay service, using speech recognition software and computer translations rather than a live operator, provides text of words spoken by the other party to the person with hearing loss. This text is viewed on a small screen built into the CapTel phone.

Two options for CapTel may be considered. Two-line CapTel allows people to call the person with hearing loss directly, without first calling the relay center. Though this method provides more accessibility, two phone lines are required and are more costly to maintain. Another option displays the text on a computer screen.

Before investing in a CapTel phone, try out the service to see if it is the best accommodation for your needs.

To learn more about CapTel service or to obtain a phone at a special price for Michigan residents see:

Additional information about CapTel phones and services is at:

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